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Baby, bump and beyond

Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,

Having a family is a special time, and we are here to capture those special moments from the very beginning. From our baby bump / maternity photography shoots, to the first days of your baby's life and onwards as they grow and develop; we can be their for it all.

It is one of the most rewarding parts of the job, to be part of this process, and to be with you as your family grows, capturing those moments for you. It really is quite the honour, and we take this responisbilty seriously.

That is where our 'Watch Me Grow' package comes in, it is all about you, baby, bump and beyond

The idea is, to help you and your family in planning those milestone moments together. To take away the hassle and stress and regrets that comes with missing the chance to capture these special time.

Our 'Watch Me Grow' package is just that! We are with you and your baby as they grow. We plan an initial three photoshoot timeline within the space of a year. This can start at any point - so if we did miss out on the new born photos, don't worry - anytime is a good time to start, rather than not at all!

A typical package might consist of a new born shoot, often within the first 2 weeks after the birth of your child. And if you would like, we can come to you! This is a special time, but one that can also be stressful. This is often the reason people neglect to get some photos done. Life takes over and people often 'make do' with the snaps 'forced' onto them by the hospital photographer. This often leaves you paying over the odds for some simple snapshots that anyone could take. But don't feel bad if you did this yourself. It is of course a nice thing to have, and at that moment in time you are feeling pretty tierd and overwhelmed. And sadley that is what they count on! But if you know that you have a new born shoot planned then you can save your cash when they come calling, and get some wonderful printed products of your new adidtion with the money instead.

The photographs we produce are more than a simple snap shot, you can and should in our opinion record many moments youself with your phone or personal camera. The images we will capture will be works of art that capture the beauty of your baby. We can offer a range of stunning products to adorn your home and to pass on as family heirlooms. And becasue you are booking up in advance, you can sit back and relax. Following the new boen shoot we can catch up 2 more times in the year ahead to capture those changes. You of course can book more, but you at least know that you will have stunning proffesional photography all lined up. And by booking the sessions all at once within our 'Watch Me Grow' Package, you will save not just hassle but money too. Whats not to like?

If you are interested then we would love to hear from you. Just click the link below. 

waWayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry, baby, bump, photographer, photoshoot, pregnant, maternity,

Forever Autumn

Lucria Creative, Autumn family photography shoot

I love the autumn. It is quite possibly my favourite time of the year, visually at least! And perfect for creating family memories with a trip to the park for a kick about in the fallen leaves.

It is now the start of December, and the last of the autumn leaves are disappearing as we are fast approaching winter, but we shouldn't let this hinder us in getting some great shots. 

We at Lucria Creative feel that family photography should be about naturally fun images. No fake smiles or stiff, awkward poses here. And the best bit, is that you don't even have to brush your hair if you don't want to. Be messy, be natural, be yourself! So of course the kids love it. And it is just as fun for the parents as well.

Let's get rid of the stress that tends to envelope the house before something such as a school photo or a booked studio appointment with a professional photography studio. We of course can do those studio shots if that is preferred, and for certain photos such as baby or bump shots they are ideal. However, we find that getting the family out and about, as you would often do together anyway, is much better for getting real memories captured, especially when it comes to family photography that the whole family will cherish.

Now of course, not everyone likes to have their photograph taken, and kids can often get shy when someone is asking them to smile, while pointing a camera in their face! Who wouldn't? But nothing gets the kids to ingnore the guys with the camera more than giving them some leaves to kick about and have fun with. 

For our family and chidren photography packages it is all about you and your kids forgetting that they are having a photoshoot. Nothing faked - just real family fun. Bring a ball, a bike or any favourite toy! Friends and family should all be encouraged to get involved. And often, it really is as simple as taking a trip the local park, getting the kids to play like they normally would and letting the magic happen. This time you just have us in tow capturing all those wonderful moments for you.

Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Autumn family photography, Coventry, Warwickshire
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer
Lucria Creative, Wayne Hudson, Family photography, Autumn, Coventry, Warwickshire, Photographer

Click the video below to see a little more information on our autumn inspired family photography shoots. 

Wayne Hudson. Lucria Creative.

Lucria Creative Family Party Photography

Become a host, for one of our 'House Party Family Photography' days.

wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry

Become a host of one of our ‘House Party Family Photography Days’. All you need to do is invite your friends and their children around to your home, or a chosen venue, as you might do anyway when the chance arises for a get-together. We can even all meet at your home, and take a group trip to a local park, as part of the day, for some relaxed, natural and fun photo opportunities.  

Family photography

Play host and reap the rewards, as we photograph all the children and their present family members who wish to be part of the experience. And because you are booking us as a group, you benefit from a discounted rate, saving over half the amount on our Family Prime Package. Plus a whole host of other benifits that are included, such as discounted rates on printed products and even money off other family photography packages, should you wish to take advantage of more time in front of the camera for you and your family. And as the host, you get all of this and more for free - just for hosting your own friends!

Family photography
Family photography

Children of all ages are welcome, including new born babies. And time will be taken to photograph children individually, along with their present parent/s or guardian/s as well as in playful group settings with friends.

Family photography
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire

If your group consists of new borns babies, or very young children, or there are a few younglings of varying ages present in the group, then this is okay too. Everyone is welcome. We will set up a small portable studio in order to capture some stunning shots.

Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry

All guests will receive: 

2 x 12x8” prints. And at least 5 high resolution* artistic edits of selected images from the day.

An online viewing gallery, that is password protected, with options for direct print purchases of individual images that will also be made available to the group. Here you will find your 5 artistic edits, plus many more that may have been taken during the day. 

Anyone pre-ordering images, either before or on the day, will benefit from a substantial discount on prints and framed products. Discounted additional family shoots are available for guests also.  

wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry

And the best bit is, as the host, you benefit from all the above that your guests recieve, for free, plus a free additional family location photography shoot. And for every £25 extra your guests spend on additional printed and framed products, you will get given 1 print credit, which by way of example is worth 1 x 12x8” print. So the more your guests buy, the more print credits you get,  the more free prints of your children and family you can order, all at zero cost to youself. For higher guest orders, this soon translates to huge discounts off other printed products as well, such as framed prints. You also get the discounted print product rate to use at any time on your print collection should you wish to place a separate order yourself. A minimum number of 5 children applys, and if you double this amount, then you also double the amount of images and artisitc edits that you get as a reward. 

Wayne Hudson Lucria Creative family photography coventry
Family photography

If any guests would like to host their own party, then they too can benefit from the above as a host. 

For more information please contact Wayne on 07590535622 / or via Facebook 

or click below:


We look forward to hearing from you. 


Wedding photography: Hints and tips for your wedding day - part 5

How to choose the right wedding photographer  

PART 5 - What it means to have the copyright to your images!

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire. how to choose the right wedding photographer

Now we move briefly on to copyright and who owns the rights to the work produced by a photographer on your wedding day. They are, after all, pictures of you and your friends and family, so it might seem logical to think that the copyright automatically is with you or the people in the photographs. However, this is simply not the case as the photographer that takes the images, or studio that you hire, do. This is often a hotly contested topic for some, and often exacerbated by mixed information floating about, so let's break it down.

Regarding the intellectual property of the images taken on your wedding day, and its ownership, you should be provided with a contract outlining such things beforehand. This is so you do know what is what. Most photographers or studios, will retain all rights to their images as standard and this is true if there is a contract or not, and there is nothing odd about this. 

Let me explain.

The image that is taken, and the edited image that is produced is, in essence, a product created by them. It is the image that a professional might use to advertise and grow their business. After all - you found them somehow and I am willing to bet it was on the strength of the images you saw, so it is only right that you, as the client, expect and understand that the images from your wedding day may well be used in this way. Although many people often do, and have little issue with this, sometimes they think that they are the ones that give the photographer permission to use the images, whereas it is actually the other way around. And this is where problems can occur, and I want to stress that this is normally no one's fault. But the onus is on the photographer to make this clear and not just take it for granted that it is known. That is why we at Lucria Creative outline all this in our contract.

wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, Coventry, Warwickshire, choosing the right wedding photographer

To once again give an analogy, we often buy products of all kinds but we do not buy the blueprints or the schematics or expect them to come bundled with the item. We are after the finished product, and this is as true of a games console as it is a kettle any other product we buy! Likewise, think of the secret recipe to Cola. It does not come on the side of the can or bottle for anyone to copy. Coca-Cola as a company guard their intellectual property with passion, and likewise, a photographer should be expected to do the same. This is also true of all sort of art. An artist would not give away the right to an original piece or let people make copies without the appropriate licence in place. And let me remind you, photography is also art and a true photographer will treat their images as such. If you find that your photographer thinks like this then at least you know they value their own work - and that can only be a good thing when it comes to the quality of your finished images. If they truly value what they do, then they will not just give away all rights. So instead of worrying about this, it is something you can take comfort in. 

So where does that leave you and your rights, because as some people point out, these are not just random products or unrelated works of art, they are personal to you as they include images of you and your loved ones, and after all didn't you pay for them?

With any wedding photography package you buy, you are in fact buying a service and a product. You are not buying the overall copyright to what is produced by the service you have paid for, or the image rights to what make up the product. In fact, it is the photographer that grants you rights to use the images, In the form of digital copies or printed products such as a wedding album, and there are often restrictions. 

If you feel this might be a problem for you then simply talk to the photographer about it so that you feel comfortable and in the know from the off. If you feel sensitive to your image being used for marketing or other such things then it is worth having that conversation before you part with any money. And make sure you read your contract fully and are happy with what is included.

Regarding your contract, you should be granted rights to use the images, but this is for personal use only. Nothing more should ever be needed. The photography studio grant you these rights knowing that they have given you the package that meets your needs, and that if ever in the future, you need anything more, then you can come back to the studio. 

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire, finding the right wedding photographer for you

By way of example, the high resolution digital negatives provided by us at Lucria Creative for our wedding photography are perfect for printing up to a 10x8. This is normally more than ample for most people's needs and if they wish to make an extra print of a certain image, providing that it is for personal use, then this is included as standard in the licence we grant and is detailed within our contract. We also gift the whole artistic edit image collection to everyone that books with us as a first year anniversary present, and it is these that you can use to make any prints such as these from. ? You already have the end product that was included in your chosen package - whatever mix of digital and print you opted for at the time. And of course the means to order more via our online gallery or direct through our studio are available. But after a year, just like with the digital negatives included within the package from the start, we believe that you should have them - so that is what we do by gifting them to you at this time. So we actually only retain full printing rights for 12 months after your wedding day, whereas many photography studios will keep these for an unspecified period of time, if not forever.

We choose to work this way for many reasons, those largely being that we value our photography and we are justifiably proud of our art. We also want to be able to offer you the best possible service while still remaining a profitable and viable business. It is a business at the end of the day, as much as we love it, and we believe in transparency and honesty. We know getting prints through us and our lab will be the best way to do our art justice. But we also understand that people do not want to be tied to the studio forever, and they may want to make some prints in their own time and at a later date. If anything above and beyond this is needed then we are on hand to help through our dedicated suppliers. Just as with the fact that not all photographers are equal, the same is true of print labs and their printing process. When in the past we did not adopt this way of working, we have often seen inferior printed products of our work when not done by us, such as a canvas or large scale print turn out below par and, in many cases, often simply bad, and that is obviously something we do not wish to see.

And that is what it boils down to, a mixture of pride in our work and making sure we do our images justice every step of the way and giving you, as the customer, what you want and need. 

There is so much that can be said on this matter that the best advice I can give you on this, is to read your contract and if you have any need for further clarification then just talk to your photographer before you sign anything. It is good to know exactly what you are getting. We retain all the rights on the images because they are of course our artwork, and most, if not all, top, quality professional photographers will do the same. Our customers can come back to us for larger prints and framed items or extra books, but we want to also make sure that they can use the images for personal use as well as for basic prints and digital files in the ways that they might need. So of course, this once again ties in with the last post regarding RAW files and digital negatives, and making sure customers get what they require by being a full service photography studio and being able to fulfil such tasks. But not all photographers follow the same guidelines, so just make sure you are in the know.

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire, how to find the right wedding photographer

And thats all for this 5 part series on how to choose the right wedding photographer for you

Just remember that your wedding photographs are the memories you’ll cherish when the flowers have faded, the honeymoon is a distant memory and friends and relatives have returned home. So choose the best you possibly can.  

So we hope we have been able to help in your search and debunking some of the worry and myth that you so ofen find.

If you would like more information on our wedding photography then don't hesitate to get in contact.

You can find out more at

And for even more information and answers to any question you might have, then you can check out our frequently asked questions page here.



Wedding photography: Hints and tips for your wedding day - part 4

How to choose the right wedding photographer 

PART 4 - RAW files and digital negatives - do you need them?

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire

Here we discuss RAW files and digital negatives and give you all the information you need to know. So to start with, do you need these RAW files? And are they an imperative part of a wedding photography package?

Well it all depends on your wants and needs of course, and these are differebnt for everyone. For the large part I would say that it is unneeded. But to begin with let us start with actually breaking down what a RAW file is so you can see why this might be the case. 

wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, Coventry, Warwickshire, finding the right wedding photographer

A RAW file is simply a file as seen by the camera's sensor. This sensor determines the size and amount of data included in the file it produces, and the file is free of any computer alterations internally from the camera. It is, in essence, a totally raw and unfiltered file with layers and layers of unfiltered data. However, the data is largely hidden to the viewer at the first instance and can only be coaxed out by professional dedicated software and by someone with the skill and time to use it.

Often people think of a RAW file as a digital negative, meaning a digital version or equivalent of a analog film negative (but digital) and this is a good starting point. However, a digital negative can mean many things and each photographer may well give a different interpretation of what this phrase actually means, so be sure to ask for a concise breakdown as not all digital negatives are made equal. Also, it is often the case that the names RAW files and digital negatives are interchangeable, but this does not mean that they are exclusively the same thing, so it is worth being in the know. 

Sticking with the analog analogy for a moment, I will explain why people use this. With film photography, the roll of film would be sent away to a lab for processing and printing or done in-house at a photographer's studio. then printed in the darkroom, where adjustments would be made at the time of the print process. The image could be made darker or lighter depending on preference. Likewise, adjustments to things like contrast, hue and saturation could also be altered. And the same and more is true with a modern RAW file. You use dedicated computer software in place of a darkroom with its equipment and chemicals that are needed. The computer and the software is what we use to read the file and apply those same edits before exporting to a more readily known file, such as a jpeg which is for printing or viewing/sharing digitally.  

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire, how to find the right wedding photographer

So now that you know what a RAW file is and what it is used for, we go back to the original question, do you actually need them when it comes to your wedding photography? 

My thought is that you don’t! And it comes down to a few reasons. 

Number one: is the simple reason that you are paying a professional wedding photographer to do a job for you. So let them! They not only take the photos, but they will edit them as well, giving you a finished product you can be proud of, so why would you ever need these files?

We talked before in the previous parts of ‘How to choose the right wedding photographer’ about what you should be getting for your money, and a finished product should be it. After all would you go to a restaurant, take your own food, go there and cook it? Surely not! That is the whole reason for going to a restaurant - you are going to pay your money, and other people are going to do their jobs, giving you the desired outcome. It should be no different with your wedding photography. I know it is not exactly the same thing, but I think the analogy works just the same in getting the main point across.

Number 2: The actual Raw files are pretty much, for most people at least, next to useless, unless you have the right computer software and know how to make the relevant edits. They also take up a lot of hard drive space and can take up a lot of your time to make the relevant edits. Not to mention that you don’t even use the RAW files to make prints, so if this is what you want them for, it is simply overkill.

Some people like the idea of making a few edits here and there, but there is no need to have the RAW files if you just want to apply a few Instagram style filters or do some basic edits for fun. You'd also need to make sure that your photographers are happy with you doing this (more on why this is important in the copyright information in the following blog piece), then a jpeg is fine, although I can not see why this would even be needed if your photographers have done their job in the first place. Why would you need to make any edits yourself if the job is already done? 

If you do decide that you want the RAW files or digital negatives, just make sure you know what you are asking for and what you are getting in return. Many photographers will either point blank refuse to give RAW files or will offer them at an extra cost. 

We at Lucria take the second approach when it comes to our wedding photography packages. It is important to us that you get everything you need. So this is why we do make them available. But so far, 100% of the time, after anyone has enquired about the RAW files and we have explained that they can have them, but because of the size of the files, they warrant that we supply them on a separate external hard drive with an associated cost. As well as explaining all I have written above about the nature of the files and how to use them, people have seen that they really are not needed. 

But the option should be there for people. We would not presume to tell someone what they can and cannot have in this regard. We just hope to give them all the relevant information and options to make their choice with.

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire, how to find the rignt wedding photographer,

When we have the RAW files conversation with our clients, we also go on to explain that with each package we include the digital negative of the original images and what is meant by this. This is important and the main reason that the RAW files are simply not needed. With our wedding packages you get all the original images and the artistic edits from your wedding day, so nothing is missed out. We only envisage you ever needing the artistic edits, but should you ever want to see and have copies of the originals, these come as standard. 

Edits can still be made using files like this, but not to the same degree and without the need for dedicated professional software such as is needed with RAW files. So it is these high resolution files, that we at Lucria Creative call a digital negative. And this is the difference between this and the RAW file, and why no one has yet opted or needed for the RAW files. People see that they get everything they actually need included in their chosen package and the reason that the RAW files are not included, is simply a cost saving to them. But remember, if you are going through another photography studio, they may term a digital negative to be something different, so it is wise to clarify. 

I still have this conversation with many fellow photographers, whom still feel that they would never, under any circumstances, include RAW files or digital negatives of any kind. But times have moved on. It is not exactly the same as giving away your negatives (which a photographer would never do). We still have a copy of the RAW files after all. We live in a digital age, so we can make a digital copy should it be needed.

And that is all there is to RAW files. There really is no big mystery but it seems to still be a big divider of opinion among professionals and customers alike. People are so often told that they need the RAW files which is rarely the case. And just to add, when a 'shoot and burner' gives you all the images on a disk, these will most likely not be edited or edited to a high standard and they certainly won't be RAW files. They might not even be high enough resolution files that you can do much with. So if you might be thinking that this is the best option as you can save money on your initial photographer because of the belief that this way, you get all that you need, and believe me when I saythat many people do think this and nearly always come to regret it. So please think long and hard if this is an option for you. And I hope this blog post goes someway to explaining the mystery that still clings to RAW files and clarifying why there is a high chance you will not ever need them. It is not worth the extra cost or consideration if you have all you need in your package such as we offer at Lucria Creative, and if you do, then your chosen studio should be able to supply it for you. So just ask.

Wayne Hudson, Imagery by hudson, lucria creative, photography, photographer, wedding, bride, groom, Coventry, Warwickshire, finding the right wedding photography for you

For our next, and last part of this blog series we will be briefly touching on copyright and ownership rights. This can be found here in part 5.

Or if you have happened to tune in to this series further down the line, and would like the rest of the inforamtion on how to choose the right wedding photographer then just click here to find out all you need to know. 


Wedding photography: Hints and tips for your wedding day - part 3

How to choose the right wedding photographer 

Part 3 - What to expect from your professional wedding photographer 

Lucria Creative wedding photography

So if you have decided to go the professional photographer route for your wedding day, then read on. 

You of course need to make sure you get value for your money. And that is what this part is about. This does not necessarily mean getting things on the cheap - but be sure to get your money’s worth no matter what you spend. Many things are not cheap, especially when a wedding day is concerned. So like with anything of value, and photography of your wedding day is one of them, be sure to do your homework and make sure you get the right photographer for you. 

In a world dominated by the internet, it is easy to book and order everything online. And this is a great convenience, and there are some fantastic services out there for connecting you to the right people for the job. But if you can, try and have a face to face with your photographer. Take some time and get a feeling for them. In parts 1 and 2, I talked about other options for your photography, and there are a few - with pros and pitfalls for each. If you are still reading, it may be because you understood only too well the pitfalls often outweigh the benefits when it comes to such an important, one of a kind day! And so the reason for excelling the virtues of investing in a professional photographer are many, but not all professional photographers are created equally. This is also the person that you will be spending the most time with throughout, and so, you want to make sure you get along with them, and that you understand each other’s vision for the day.

It is often great to get recommendations, I myself get most of my business this way, but people, even close friends and family, who might be the ones to recommend someone, all have their own tastes and they may differ from our own - so be sure the photographer meets your own specifications. There is nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it. The right photographer for you will be out there.

And because it is your big day, that is why this is all the more important - but remember that a photographer is an artist, and will have their own artistic style. It is never a good idea to try and mould a photographer to you. Instead find one that is everything you want and more. And a truly great photographer, while being happy to go out of their way in order to look after his or her clients, should not compromise on their own work simply to land a job! 

Lucria Creative wedding photography

As previously mentioned, meeting your photographer is important. If meeting up directly with your chosen photographer is not possible, maybe because it is a destination wedding or there are other factors in the way, then you of course can speak on the phone; I also often offer Skype or FaceTime chats if meeting up in the early stages of booking is not possible. In all but my entry level package I also offer the couple a complimentary engagement/pre-wedding shoot. The value in this for the both parties, can not be overstated. Any nerves can be put to rest, questions asked and, of course, you get some photos as a result - perfect for a save the date cards or guest signing frames. You will also see a very good insight into how your chosen photographer will be on the big day itself. Any doubts at this time still gives opportunity to make changes and find a replacement, which is the reason I often offer those complimentary shoots; I want to assure the couple that have booked me, that they made the right choice. If either of them have any fear of the attention and focus of a camera being pointed at them for the vast part of such a day, then I want them to be confident in me, the process and in the images that will be produced. Look for a photographer that offers this, as a way of really knowing what you are paying for. It can be a good test run if you will. 

Just splashing the cash on something is not going to guarantee quality. And even if the work is stunning, are you all on the same wavelength? Of course you have a budget, and fantastic - you like their work. Just make sure you all click. Being relaxed and at ease is the most important part to getting the best photos on your day.

Lucria Creative wedding photography

Though you’ll have a budget in mind (and only you know what you can afford), often you do get what you pay for. The average spend on photography in the UK at the time of writing, to give you some context, is around £2000 - £2500. If you can afford more, then you may be able to afford someone more established or with a wider package offering. If that is out of your price range, then maybe you will be lucky and find someone starting out, just be carful to watch out for the pitfalls that I mention in the previous parts to this blog series concerning these options.  

There are of course other factors to the price, such as what is included. If you can afford X amount, and you like the photographers or studio’s work, and they are free on your day (it always pays to book in advance to make sure you avoid disappointment) then you will want to find out what you actually get for your money. If you are spending around the £2k mark, or more, then you will be wanting a damn good product. A book and prints maybe. This is one of the key reasons to pay this amount, and why a truly creative photographer will value the printed product. We at Lucria offer fantastic hand finished books, as well as a range of printing and mounting options all from the best quality companies for this very reason. We believe in a full service offering. And that is something you will just not get at the lower end of budgets.

So what else are you getting for your money?

You have found a photographer that you like. You love the work they produce, and you have had some face to face time. You believe they are the photographer to capture your wedding day perfectly. You are paying good money, so you expect more than the images on a disk or USB stick. You want printed products, and of course you want high quality. If you are paying a professional to give you professional service, then you of course expect a professional product.

The importance of the printed product can not be undervalued. If you tell yourself you will get a book or prints made up later, and you follow up on this, then you are one of the few that actually do. So credit would be due. But if you leave it to the professional, you will be getting a professional product worthy of the investment. And an investment is what truly good photography certainly is.

Lucria Creative wedding photography

As an example, the books that we include here at Lucria Creative, are not your average photo book. They are styled to reflect our artistic style and to give you, the client, the best value for money. There are of course upgradable options, but the standard of the included book is nothing short of top quality; as it should be! A bespoke design, hand finished and impeccable style all come together to form a product that we are proud to showcase our work in. This is not something your local print lab or online store can offer, or can put together for the cheap prices you may see advertised. The gulf in quality difference is vast. And putting one of these together to look stylish and elegant is often not an easy task, even though that advert claims it can be done with a few clicks in 10 minutes. Don’t believe me? Then don’t take the risk, and try it beforehand to find out. Use some family images and make yourself up a nice little book, and then compare it to some on offer by your photographer and you should be able to instantly tell the difference.  

To view an example of our package products click here.

We not only include the book already mentioned, together with a perfectly formed case to protect your memories; we also include our video-slideshows on a disk, ready to play at home in your entertainment centre, and all the images and digital copies on a USB stick in presentation and storage case. 

We have a range of stylish print options available too. And with some of our packages there is also the chance to add more value with our same day edits, personalised website, Life in squares design collection, printed, mounted and framed, all ready to adorn your wall as well as our unique ‘customer for life’ service. 

Is your chosen photographer giving you value for your money? If they truly are, as well as them, their skill and artistic merit, they should be striving to give you impeccable service, and this includes the final product. The photographer that offers this will be more dedicated, more professional and more worthy of you spending your hard earned cash on, than someone that simply puts all the images on a disk for you, with no end product. You want to be assured that the potentially higher costs to you has all the benefits that it should have. Is your photographer insured? Do they have back up systems for the precious once in a life time images. Do they have back up equipment and plans if anything were to go wrong on the day? And what exactly do you get for your money, as in a digital world the lines can often be blurred. 

Lucria Creative wedding photography

Which is what we will talk about next, so join us for part 4 as we breakdown what a digital file actual is, we discuss RAW files and digital negatives and give you all the information you need to know.

Wedding photography: Hints and tips for your wedding day - part 2

How to choose the right wedding photographer. 

Part 2 - Your wedding photography options

Wedding photography

Your wedding photographs are the physical memories you’ll cherish when the flowers have faded, the honeymoon is a distant memory and friends and relatives have returned home. You will be able to look back at these images, and be transported back to your big day. You will be reminded of, not just the day, but the run up to it as well. Maybe how you both met, with lots of emotion and lots of connected memories intertwined. 

So what are the options to capture all these wonderful moments. Who is the right photographer for you? And how do you find them?

Budget of course is a consideration. The cost of a wedding will add up, and add up quickly. Because this is the case, try not to leave the photography till the last minute. Take the time early on to find your ideal match up. 

Asking friends or family!

If finances are tight, or photography is not one of your top priorities, but you still want some shots of your day, then of course the option of asking a friend or member of your family could work. Maybe a friend who is a hobbyist, or an uncle that always has his expensive snazzy camera with him at family events. This would save you a good chunk of change and get the job done right? 

Wrong! Well in most cases it would be. Let me go through some things to consider if this is an option for you.  

Of course this might work! Maybe your friend or uncle with the expensive camera can take wonderful pictures. But it's a long day for a photographer. Will they be up to the task and willing to get all that is needed? All that you require. If they are simply an enthusiastic amateur photographer, then they may not have the range of kit that is needed to get those all important images, you may not realise it, but a professional photographer will often have thousands of pounds in equipment with them. Not to mention all of the editing equipment and the all important back-up systems at the office that are needed, so your precious memories remain protected. It is most likely safe to think that this may not be the case with your friend and family. And this is never a problem, till it is a problem, and then it is a big one. 

Wedding photography

Your day’s photography can often be demanding and take place in ever changing lighting situations. Something your photographer needs to be prepared for. And does your friend or family member have a spare camera if their's fails? You can be sure that a professional photographer would have. And it would sure be the dumbest luck that on that day, of all days, your wedding day - your friend’s camera would fail and breakdown. Or as I have seen a few times, run out of batteries very early on in the day, as they did not realise the amount of work and sheer quantity of picture taking they would be doing, and just did not plan for such an eventuality or drain on the battery. 

I have seen first hand, in the past, at friends’ weddings, the same horror story. The mate with the camera in a panic as all good intentions go out of the window and they curse the day they agreed to do this. They are taking the request serious for their friend, however, they did not realise the full extent of the struggle till the day was on them, and something simple has gone wrong, and now they feel they are letting you down. I have known one person in similar circumstances, rush out and buy spare dedicated batteries and a flash gun as they were struggling with the built in pop up flash and the amount of shots they were taking, even at the beginning of the day, were proving a drain on the battery. They knew it stood a good chance of running out part way into the day. So they ran out part way through the wedding day. And spent, not a small amount of their own money, on this extra kit, that they would personally, hardly ever use again. That's a true friend, and all round good guy. But I am sure you can agree, not an ideal situation to find yourself in. There was a quite a lot of stress surrounding this moment, and it did not need to be so. Enough curve balls can be thrown at you on the best of wedding days, with so many variables, you don’t want to leave too much to chance. Especially something as important as the photography. 

If you have that same mate or family member, let this person leisurely take some shots for your collection throughout the day. Just don't burden them with too much. For theirs and your sake. Just see it as an added bonus, to have alongside your chosen professional. 

Another reality could be that your well meaning friend, or uncle with the nice camera doesn't panic and just goes about the business of taking pictures of the day, without any stress at all. But by the end of it, will you actually have a true representation of your day that you deserve, after all the hard work you have put in, and money you have invested? Only you will be able to answer this question.

wedding photography

Of course, if you are on a tight budget, and you know the right person - then this can be a viable option. Just be aware of the many pitfalls and do your homework, and make sure you tell them what you are after, as they may place a heavy burden upon themselves and this might not be realised till the wedding day itself. Or you may be disappointed with the results and by then, it is of course too late. Also, you might want to avoid your wedding day being responsible for any bad blood between friends and family. It is simply not worth it in the long run. Of course, don’t be coerced into spending money that you don’t have, just be aware of its limitations. And if these limitations give you cause for concern, then maybe you can shuffle some of your budget around in order to make it happen. 

The semi professional. 

Maybe you go for a ‘professional’ but look for a cheaper alternative, you look for someone that will shoot your whole wedding day, put the images on a disk and give you that for somewhere between £400-£600. After all, you can edit them later, and get them printed, even make yourself a book online. And it is a fraction of the cost of what some photographers are asking, which also negates the need to ask a favour from a friend or family member. If this is your line of thinking, make sure you read part 4, which focuses on digital negatives, printing options and book design. I will touch on it briefly now, but this extended information could save you a lot of time and hassle. 

So, this is a viable option. But you may have noticed the world professional above in quotation marks. There are after all ‘professionals’ and professionals. And quite often you do get what you pay for. There is so much more to good, professional photography work, than just the day’s work clicking away. There are many other considerations and, if you understand some of these, then you may start to see the value in choosing the right professional. Don’t worry - if you have not considered these things before, then you are not alone. We are, after all, living in a world, where ‘everyone’ is a photographer. Where digital technology has brought professional looking gear into the hands of the average consumer. Where fantastic, and near instant high standard visuals are the norm. Just think about how good our camera phones and screens have become. So getting someone to take pictures is the easy part. It is getting the best you can that is the trick. So don’t be surprised if you get your disk of pictures, and they are nothing more than a collection of snaps. Do you have the software, or time to colour correct them or make edits? Are you really ever going to get the time, after the wedding, and after the honeymoon, once you have started back at work, to get those photos printed, framed for your wall or made into a book as you promised yourself you would? 

I know photographers, artists and other creatives that have gone this route, as they know someone in the business and have called in a favour, and despite being in the industry in some form or another, they still haven't gotten around to it. After all wedding photography is not their calling. It happens time after time, and turns into a job that gets pushed back and back and back. In short, life takes over. This is totally normal, and we often ask and demand too much of ourselves. 

This so called cheap option, and that disk, then quite often turns out to be quite an expensive disk, because you never get any value from it. It just sits in a drawer being forgotten about. Remember as with all professional services, you should be looking for a fully finished product, and one that you deserve.

wedding photography

Ask yourself this, would you be joining the caterers in cooking the meal on the day or arranging your own flowers? Maybe you would, but I find it highly doubtful in the majority of cases. I do often see people banding together to cut costs of course, maybe you have a budding baker in the family for the wedding cake, or a friend that is a hairdresser or a seamstress that can make some alterations to the bridesmaids’ gowns. If that’s the case then brilliant. Make the most of these. But unless you are a very fortunate, and know the right person, then consider prioritising your photographer up there with such things as your venue and items such as the dress. The important parts of the day that you would not entertain the idea of taking a shortcut on.

If you do happen to find one of these options, and you are happy with what you have found, then all power to you. Maybe they are an aspiring professional, and you have caught them early in their journey. Just please don’t hold out hope for full coverage, capturing all those moments in detail. After all, they could be still learning their craft.

But please remember, that there really is no second chance in all of this. So if you are going to spend all that time, effort and money on arranging the most fabulous of occasions for you and your loved ones to share in. Do yourself a favour and don’t forget to budget for a photographer. You not only want to find the right wedding photographer, one that creates images that you fall in love with, but you also want to find one that you get along with and feel comfortable with and, most importantly, that you trust. After all, your photographer will be with you for most of the day, you will be spending a lot of time with each other. They will be in closer proximity to you, your friends and family, then almost any single other one person on the day. They will be there for all the moments that matter, and they will stay out of the way when not required, be respectful to you and your families when you need that time away from the madness of the day. In most cases they are with you from start to finish. And the right photographer, the one that you connect with, will be able to reflect this by capturing those unique one of a kind moments. Moments that you will look back on and cherish. 

So my advice is, choose the right one for you. Make your photographer one of your top priorities, and you wont regret it. 

In time, you may forget how lovely your flowers were, or how the chicken dinner tasted. But you will remember the feelings of the day; truly great photographs will help take you back to that moment and help you relive that memory time after time. 

We all have to consider our finances; no one is suggesting you go out and find the most expensive photographer out there. But instead, by considering your wedding photographer as a priority in the early stages of planning, then you have the time to find the best one suited for you. And we all have different wants and needs. We all have different styles that we would be looking for. So take the time, find that right photographer, that right team or the right studio that can work with you, and help make your wedding day the best possible experience, not only on the day, but for the many years down the road that lie ahead for you both.

Wedding photography

Join us for part 3, where we will be exploring what you should expect from your professional wedding photographer. 

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Wedding photography: Hints and tips for your wedding day - part 1

How to choose the right wedding photographer. 

Part 1 - The importance of wedding photography

wedding photography

Are you getting married? Yes! Well first, let’s start with congratulations.

Now, let us move onto the serious talk of planning. 

These blog posts are here to help you with a few of the questions and tasks that you may be faced with, on the run up to your wedding day. 

We will be starting with wedding photography, and how to choose the right wedding photographer. 

How to choose a wedding photographer is an important part of the planning for your big day. And only one, in a long list of many important tasks that you will face together as a couple, in preparation for the wedding day ahead. 

Photography is important and, to my confusion, an often overlooked part of the wedding day experience. Although I am glad to see that this trend is slowly changing as people start to see the value in the art of photography. 

If your choice of wedding photographer is not treated as a priority, the effects can be very long lasting and, as a result, turns into a regret. And no one wants a regret on their wedding day! However, finding the right wedding photographer for you can be a very rewarding experience - one that can be the icing on the wedding cake. So it is worth taking the time to get it right. And this doesn't mean throwing vast sums of money at the problem. It is all about finding the right photographer for you. And it could be some of the best money you ever spend. 

This could be a decision that stays with you and your family for a very long time. Maybe your wedding photographer also photographs families and children! They could be with you, as your own family documentarian throughout the years ahead. An important job role to be sure. And a privileged position to hold and be entrusted with. 

wedding photography

This is the person you have hired to artistically reflect and capture one of the most memorable days of your life. Let us hope they are up to the task. It is how your photographer views your wedding day, through their eyes and with their artistic interpretation, that will in turn, be how you, your spouse, your friends and family, will come to view your wedding day in the future as you all look back together on the images and remember your big day.

Believe me when I say a huge part of the day, especially the run up to you both exchanging vows, will be one big blur! And after that, there is a huge sense of relief and accomplishment that you both got this far and are still standing upright and, it is, of course, now time for great celebration. Depending on how you celebrate, coupled with all the emotion, anxiety and fatigue you will undoubtably both be experiencing, that next part might be a big blur as well! You might be living the moment and having the time of your life, but there is certain to be so much going on, that you simply won't be able to take it all in. No one could be expected to. So please don’t even try. 

wedding photography

You want to have put in the work before hand, chosen all the right people to help bring your day to fruition, so that you can enjoy all the drinking and dancing and being with loved ones that you can possibly muster. Think of all those months of planning and by the end of the day, I doubt you will remember your own names! Just as long as you remember each other's at the appropriate moment at the beginning of the day’s events then all will be fine. No pressure. 

Leave it to your photographer to help you have a more relaxed day. They will guide you through when it all gets a little overwhelming. The right photographer will do so much more for you on the day than take your wedding photos. They will be with your each step of the way. Remember, they have been here before. And they should be there for you. 

You are, of course, going to want a truly wonderful representation of you both, in all your finery. You expect wonderfully composed and natural photos of family, friends and loved ones, being part of, and enjoying this wonderful occasion, as well as all the details saved for prosperity that you have spent months planning and orchestrating. You are going to want all those details documented, and you are going to want to look back and see yourselves looking blissfully happy and caught up in the moment having a whale of a time. After all, this is a defining time in your life together. And what better way to remember it all, than by having all of this captured artistically and creatively by someone who understands what you need. 

wedding photography

So, in order to get all these things right, where do you start? 

I believe it boils down to a couple of simple things, on how you feel!

1) How much do you value photography? 

2) How much value do you put into having those memories of your wedding day captured, for you, your family and even future generations to look back on?

After reading the above text, maybe I have given you some food for thought on this matter as you ask yourself these things.

Now take a moment to reflect on these two questions! If they are important, then read on for some great advice, and how to avoid some of the associated pitfalls. 

If these two questions didn’t illicit much of a response, then maybe still take the time to read on, as I may be able to point out a few valuable tips. Better to read now, and get the facts, then regret it later on, like so many of us often do!

Wedding photography

Join us for part 2, where we will be talking over the different options that you might consider for your wedding photography.