Contrasting work from back in the day

Searching through my old collage work, I came across these 2 very contrasting pieces. Both I think are indicative of my future work when you look at them in this context. And this was back when I was learning my craft when I was just 17. 

The first image is of my twin sisters. Whom never fully forgave me for me making them look like street irtchings.  The immage was printed on lith paper and was a long but wonderful process. 

The second was an image of a friend whom I grew up with, who I still work with to this day on creative projects. Not contenc with having a colour darkroom I always looked to mess around with the process. The vivid images was me cross prossing the film, and I remember loving the not so subtle effect. I am not sre my lecturers was as happy with it as I was. Oh well.

As an example below are 2 digital images that I took a good number of years later when I was trying to make an effort to do mroe photography by going digital as I had somewhat slacked off due to not having a darkroom. There are some similarities to the 2nd image above thats for sure.