FAQ: Wedding photography

    What does it cost?

    Often one of the first questions, as of course, it is a major consideration. However, it is never a simple answer. First we need to know a bit more about your day, what you have planned, what your expectations are from your photographers and what if any, final physical product, such as a book or prints you require.  We can then go through our packages and advise what might be best for you. Of course we also need to take under consideration your budget and we can go from there. 

    What we can tell you, if you are after some figures, is that our packages start from as little as £949. And that our average spend per customer is between £1849 and £2200, which is inline with the average spend for wedding photography across the UK. But we are sure, with us, you will be getting more than your moneys worth.

    It of course all depends on what you are after in your final product, and what coverage you require. Get in touch and we can help you find the best package or solution for you and your day. 


    How do we book you and secure our date?

    First we need to make sure we are available, providing that we are we will then talk though your big day, find out the best package for you and then all that is needed to secure your date is a £500 deposit, irrelevant of the package chosen or total spend. It is as easy as that. 


    Will there be any additional costs?

    Well, there will be no hidden costs. You are welcome to add as many extras as you wish of course. But if there are any additional costs due to your specific circumstances, such as location and extra costs due to travel, then all this will be discussed and given at the time of enquiry/booking.

    You may receive discounted offers from time to time on printed products, including duplicate gift books, or framed prints.

    And don't forget, any additional prints pre-ordered along with any wedding package will be given up to a 25% discount depending on the line. Please ask for a bespoke quote. Can be added up to 30 days after deposit. 

    So any additional costs will only ever be of your choosing. Nothing will ever be hidden. 


    How long will you stay at the wedding?

    Coverage depends on your package, which cater for shorter weddings as well as through to enough coverage to capture your entire day. If you require more on the day at short notice, this can be arranged, but, of course, we will always discuss the plans for your big day in advance. This is so that your chosen package reflects your photography coverage requirements, which helps to avoid any confusion on the day itself, and of course helps with your planning. 


    When do we get to see our photos? 

    Depending on your chosen package, this can be the very same day. This is not as impossible as it sounds, as in our Signature package we include a same day edit and showcase to be displayed to you and your guests that very evening.

    For our other packages we do try and send a small selection over that evening or the very next day. Because we back up our data as we go, we get the chance to edit a few choice shots. We know from experience that it is nice for you to see a few images of your day as soon as possible, and with digital technology and social media there is simply no excuse for not offering this.

    We do then aim to get your finished, artistic edits, in their entirety, complete and ready for viewing within 4-6 weeks. Often this is sooner but we like to be honest and make allowances for very busy periods. Long gone are the days that the bride and groom are forced to wait 6 months or a year! Yes we have heard the horror stories as well, and they are sadly still only too real for many bride and grooms, even now. 


    Do you take traditional wedding photographs?

    We do make the time to take some classic traditional group photos during the day. This is alongside the reportage, documentary and editorial images that will make up a majority of the day's shooting style. We make time before the day to find out some specific group shots that are important to you and plan a time to capture these. 


    I don't like posing for photos! Do I need to pose/how do i pose?

    A good question, and it comes up often. All we can tell you is not to worry. We have everything in hand.

    We do offer an engagement or pre-wedding shoot which is ideal for you to get used to the camera before your big day but this is by no means essential.

    On the day we will guide you through everything you need. A lot of the images taken will be reportage and documentary style images to capture the day as it unfolds. This requires little, if no posing at all. For the more editorial and striking images that you will see on the website, these do require a little more planning and a willingness to take some quick and simple direction. You will be guided through this and even those couples that dread a camera pointed in their direction have found the relaxed nature enjoyable and the final images more than worth it. And the direction is so quick and simple you will hardly notice it. 


    Are the photos AVAILABLE to view online?

    With all of our packages the answer is yes, we provide you with a viewing gallery that can be shared with friends and family. From this gallery you and any friends and family that you have shared the link with, can not only view, but also order prints, and framed products directly though our professional printers. 


    Do we get the RAW files?

    With each package we give you high resolution copies of all the original images from our final selection, these are your digital negatives, and not to be confused with the artistic edits, which is what we refer to when we talk about your final images, that make up your book or slideshow, or that are uploaded to your gallery etc.

    We give you everything we believe you will need and importantly nothing is kept from you. And if you do require the RAW data files, these are available at an extra cost, provided to you on an external hard drive and shipped directly to your door. We don't think you will need these files, as they do take up considerable amounts of space, and also need a specific RAW editing program in order to make changes, and irrelevant of package, part of the reason to hire us, is that we do all the editing for you. But of course this option is available for you, should you require it. However we do believe that by providing the original images as well as the artistic edits we ensure that we have all the bases covered for you.


    Your package price range is quite broad? Why don't you just offer all the shots on a disk for a much smaller price?

    Easy and quick answer on this one - and to mention that this one is not often asked by perspective clients, but by other people we meet that show an interest in what we do. We want to offer quality, and you rarely get that with someone that 'shoots and burns.' We want to offer you a complete package. Photography and your wedding day is very important to us. And there are no second chances. For those of you in the market for a wedding photographer and wondering about your options and balancing costs I do have this series of blog posts that you might find informative 'hints and tips for your wedding day - how to choose the right wedding photograher'

    We do, however, offer an entry priced, digital package, but this still comes with all of your artistic edits provided and print options. 

    Our craft not only comes with what we do on the day, but what we do during the often overlooked but exremly important editing process, and we also beleive in the printed form. It is lovely to look at your photos on your phone or tablet. This is modern convenience - and it rocks. But go ahead and, have your pictures printed, or framed, or even made into a book. Then take time to hold, feel and actually take the time to appriacte what is in front of you. In our opinion there is nothing better than art that is printed. And if you are going to pay good money for photography on your wedding day, you want a product that reflects. your investment.  


    How many photos do we get?

    Hard to answer this one really. But the real answer is that there is no set limit. And it is all dependant on your package, the plans you have for the day etc. Even the weather may play a part. Buit unlike some photography studios we do not limit you. And if you do have any further questions on this feel free to speak to us directly so we can give a more informative answer inline with your days plans.


    Do you offer discounts for weekdays and off season?

    We don't often run discounts, our packages offer fantastic value for money, and have been designed this way, to give you the biggest bang for your buck. If you are interested in hiring us to capture your wedding day, we will work with you to see if we can find sometihng to fit your budget. Our packages do start at just £949, and that is because we believe that everyone deserves a professional photogaher on their wedding day. 

    Discounts, normally come as part of our customer for life programe, and our affiliate and reward program. Or we do run discounted options on printed products at selected times through the year. And don't forget, if you ahve been recomned to us by a previous client or friend of the business, then make sure you quote their name when you contact us, as your receive an instant 5% discount on any package, and they also get a small thank you from us. Please ask us about this to learn more. 


    Are you insured?

    We are, and we have full cover, including professional indemnity and public liability. 

    It is not always about cover of course - we also ensure that we are fully set up in our best practices, which includes back up systems for your memories.

    We also keep your artisitic edited images safe for you, at the minimum of a year, which is on our backed up servers. Just in case, heaven forbid, something happens your end then we want to be covered our end. 

    Covered by PolicyBee professional insurance
    We have:
    tick_imageLiability cover
    tick_imageBusiness Interruption insurance
    tick_imageOffice Equipment cover


    What does Lucria mean?

    Quite simply it is a word that we made up. One half of the business is owned by an Englishman, and the other a Portuguese woman. So we fused the Portuguse words for light and creative to give us Lucria, and a personal meaning to the business we have invested a lot of love in. So really it means light creative or creative light. 


    If you do have an further questions please do not hesitate to get in contact.  

    Or why not read our blog post articles on finding the wedding photographer for you for more infomration and some great hints and tips.